Quilter's Block a Day Calendar: Week 31 and FREE pattern

How about this? Week 31 already! Thanks for still staying with me as I share Patricia's blocks made using my block a day calendar. 
Quilter's Block a Day Calendar
Some of you are thinking I made these myself. Ha! It makes me feel tired to think I did all that sewing. (I think Patricia is still on vacation after completing these.)

Remember her pile of blocks?

All 366 blocks that Patricia Bryant made from my calendar
Now for this week's show!

July 30: Thrifty

July 30: Thrifty, 6"
 July 31: Town House

July 31: Town House, 6"
 August 1: Angel Fish

August 1: Angel Fish, 6"
Here's my free pattern this week. I made the Angel Fish in the 12" size (as found on my Calendar CD). I pulled out my Kaffe Fassett scraps and my own Arrowhead rulers (which are the same angle as the Tri-Recs rulers) and made this. The paper templates are included for both 6" x 12" sizes.

12" Angel Fish in mostly Kaffe Fassett fabrics
 Here is the second one with some wild and crazy zig zags going on!

12" Angel Fish with some serious striped fins!
And the link to the FREE ANGEL FISH pattern.

August 2: Aztec Jewel

August 2: Aztec Jewel, 12"
 August 3: Beaming Star

August 3: Beaming Star, 12"
 August 4: Broken Dish

August 4: Broken Dish, 9"
 August 5: Broken Windows

August 5: Broken Windows, 12"
See you next week!


  1. Hi Debby,
    I just love the staging on Broken Windows! I also love the Beaming Star block. I look forward to these each week. ~smile~ Roseanne

  2. Love how you stage everything!

  3. I think my favorite block of hers this week is Aztec Jewel, but I love your fish with the zig-zaggy fins! Thanks for the pattern.

  4. Love the staging on Broken Window and the Angel Fish. Also, love your zigzag angel fish block. Thanks for the pattern.


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