Quilter's Block a Day Calendar: Week 38

Here we are: Week 38 with seven more blocks from Patricia!

September 17: Maize Basket
September 17: Maize Basket, 8"
September 18: Lend and Borrow

September 18: Lend and Borrow
September 19: Susannah

September 19: Susannah, 8"
September 20: Oregon Trail

September 20: Oregon Trail, 12"
September 21: Pieced Box
September 21: Pieced Box, 8"
September 22: Pieced Star

September 22: Pieced Star, 12"
September 23: Royal Star
September 23: Royal Star, 12"
Beautiful blocks in beautiful settings. Thanks, one more time, Patricia!


  1. Wow, had a hard time finding the 21st. lol Just lovely!

  2. The Pieced block was hard to see until I enlarged the picture. It fits in nicely with all the flowers.


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