Here Comes the Sun, Part Three

It's here! December 21 and that means that the days are getting longer. I am not nuts (though my husband says that I am for this crazy nit-picking of minutes of sunlight).

Did you see my previous posts? Winter Solstice post from 2015. And then from last year? Here Comes the Sun (2016).

Just a few of the blocks with borders. I have since removed the border from the top quilt - too crazy!

Winter Solstice block from my Double Hexie Star pattern
 And don't you just love these extra rays?

Winter Solstice block with extra rays
This is my Double Hexie Star (a current workshop) that has been made several times. I love using Paula Nadelstern's kaleidoscope motifs as the centers!

My youngest daughter Valery wanted a quilt with these blocks. She axed the border I chose and then asked for a green block. Not a problem (grrrr! rip, rip, rip)

Two block quilt with "crazy" border (my daughter's words)
I made a green block and replaced the orange and blue one. These blocks are 16" x 18". Love those center motifs!
Two block quilt finished and Valery loves it!
These are from the Kismet and Chromazone Collections by Paula Nadelstern for Benartex Fabrics.

Close up of the green and blue block
So, you can see that I'm happy when I'm sewing with beautiful fabrics. I love having that extra minute of daylight, even if my husband thinks I'm a bit whacky for it!


  1. I agree. Now we'll jave a few minutes more of sun every day. Hooray!

  2. I am with you on the daylight thing. Woohoo for longer days!

  3. My husband counts the minutes of daylight more than I do. I love the green and purple top above.


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