Technique Tuesday with Matthew's Mini Monsters

Today we feature a collection by Matthew Pridemore, husband of the famous quilter, Heidi Pridemore. Matthew's Mini Monsters is the name of this fun collection of boy prints. Of course, girls would love these, too!

We quilters have fabric stashes that are about 90% "girlie". Flowers, ribbons, bows, pink and sweetness all over the place. When you need to make a quilt for a boy or man, you have to look far and wide for masculine themed fabrics.

I asked Benartex to lead me to something that caters to boys and they sent me these called "Matthew's Mini Monsters." Many of us are familiar with the name Heidi Pridemore. She's been in the professional quilting industry as long as I have (25 years) and I have always like her playful, whimsical style. She is a natural artist and her quilt designs are always joyful.

This collection was designed by her husband! Now, that's a family affair, right?

Matthew's Mini Monsters
The collection includes a panel for a soft book AND this wonderful group of 8 monsters. The squares measure 7-1/2" and for a printed panel, they were very accurate both vertical and horizontal (which almost never happens). I knew I wanted to work with these.

I could have turned this panel into a quick quilt with a border, but that was too easy. Easy is for other quilters; me, I tend to torture myself with details (just kidding!)

Matthew's Mini Monsters panel
Head on over to the Sew in Love with Fabric page to see how I used this panel and the companion fabrics to make a fun boy's quilt. And, yes, I cut out those monster blocks!


  1. I just know my grandsons would love this! And I love what you did with the line.

  2. I traveled to the Sew in Love with Fabric blog and read about how you constructed the Monsters quilt. It turned out really nice; any little boy would love it!

  3. Hi Debby,
    I saw this yesterday in Sew in Love's email. The quilt turned out sew cute! The fabrics are fun and it would be a good one for me to make when our little guy gets a bit older. ~smile~ Roseanne

  4. Hello Debby; I learned a lot with your tutorial yesterday's post at Sew in Love! These little monsters look perfect tilted the way you chose to make the blocks. I know I have never done a block in the way you showed and have book marked it. Thank you for sharing! Have a great day!


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