Quilter's Block a Day Calendar: Week 49

Here we are on home stretch with Week 49 and seven more beautiful blocks from Patricia. (She actually sewed all of these in 2016, one a day!)

December 3: Wandering Foot
Wandering Foot: 10"
 December 4: Antique Tile
Antique Tile: 12"
December 5: Cutting Corners

Cutting Corners: 9"
 December 6: Double Four Patch

Double Four Patch: 16"
 December 7: Duck Paddle
Duck Paddle: 10"
 December 8: Flying Squares

Flying Squares: 10"
 December 9: Four Patch in Nine

Four Patch in Nine: 8"
Just 3 weeks to go! Can you believe it?


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    1. Thanks! Not sure if this will post (my computer doesn't let me reply for some reason). Debby

  2. Surprised to see the Skylink in the pics. I'm in the DFW area! Love the blocks and the pictures.

    1. Patricia Bryant visits the USA once or twice a year and usually ends up in Texas. She must have been there to photograph that one block. Fun, huh?

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  4. I am testing to see if Firefox browser will let my comment on my own blog! This has not been the case for Chrome! Debby


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