Titan and Isadora: A Sneak Peek

No, this is not a story about two medieval lovers (though it sounds like it, right?) This is about a fabric collection (Titan) that I had no idea what to do with and then a lonely fat quarter appeared in the box of fabrics that Windham sent to me. Her name is Isadora and she is so lovely!

She is a bit older than Titan (2016 release), but then again, we all enjoy those "older woman, younger man" stories at times.

The Titan Collection is a wonderful group of "blenders." You know: those fabrics that aren't solids but can be used as solids. They have a small mini print that doesn't take away from their main color. But I did not feel inspired to make something with just these blenders!

Titan fabrics surrounding the Isadora fat quarter.

Fat quarters of Titan with the single Isadora fat quarter
Next week I will share some delightful blocks made with these fabrics. I am so excited because it's as though these were made for each other. Sort of like a Titan and Isadora love story. Stay tuned for a post for Windham Wednesdays!


  1. What fun to have the Isadora inspiration.

  2. Hello Debby; I can understand why you are using these fabrics together, they are gorgeous. I am looking forward to seeing what you create! Have a great day!


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