Kelly's Amazing Signature Quilt

This is a signature quilt I created in July of 2015 for a friend of my daughter's. I realized I had never shared this on my blog, so here it is. I know you will be amazed at the creative artistry of these young people (ie, in their 20s).

Many thanks to my very favorite youngest daughter, Valery Kratovil, for thinking this up. Somehow she connected my quilting skills with her and her friends' desire to do something special for their mutual friend Kelly. Please know that I NEVER, EVER make quilts on consignment (ie, sew for other people and their ideas). But I knew this would not only be special but also fun. I never imagined how CREATIVE these young people were. (They are millennials.) Wow and WOW! What a pleasure and privilege this was to participate.
Here is the finished quilt. You will get to see each block up close!

Kelly's Quilt
Here is a little of my planning process: The blocks will finish around 11" square. The quilt center will be 44" x 66". I will add some border fabric to take it up to 56" x 78".
I gave Valery 24 white 5" squares that had freezer paper ironed to the back for stabilizing. I also gave her several Pigma pens in a variety of colors. I figured her friends would enjoy signing their names in their favorite color. Little did I realize they would use them as paint and create little works of art!

This is how all the blocks will be arranged:

Signature blocks
Valery mailed the blocks back to me and after I picked myself up off the floor, I got to work bordering each one with some Northcott Artisan Shimmer (I had a fat quarter bundle of every single color!) I added the "tilt" triangles (easy to cut from your Tri-Recs ruler) using my own Arrowheads ruler. I took the color cues from those used in each block.

Now let's take a look at each one! Most have not been identified (to me), but you don't know these folks anyway, now do you? Just enjoy the show!

Block #1 is from Valery Kratovil. She's my favorite youngest daughter. She and her friends twirl fire using batons and they call this FLOW. Pretty amazing.
Block #1: Valery Kratovil
Block #2 is from PD. This reminds me of an American Native American symbol.
Block #2
 Block #3 is from ? Can you believe this owl on a branch with a full moon behind him/her?
Block #3
Block #4 is from? But this is an inside joke, I've been told.
Block #4
Block #5 is from Caroline. Such a sweet flower with a sweeter sentiment.
Block #5
 Block #6 is from Erica. She and Kelly have a special bond.
Block #6
 Block # 7 is from Brian. Pillars!
Block #7
Block #8 is from? Reminds me of a cradle or maybe it's a cauldron of fire (or soup).
Block #8
 Block # 9 is from Tony. Special creatures in an embrace.
Block #9
 Block #10 is from ? These friends participate in what's called Flow, so that's what's happening in this scene below.
Block #10
Block #11 is from ? This has to be one of my favorite blocks. So unique and special!
Block #11
 Block #12 is from? Good thing I gave them about 6 Pigma pens. This person colored to his/her heart's content!
Block #12
Block #13 is from? Can you see those picture frame borders? Big wow!
Block #13
Block #14 is from? Sitting in the forest with some friendly (I hope) foxes circling. Hope he isn't scared!
Block #14
Block #15 is from? Lots of love expressed over and over, right?
Block #15
Block #16 is from? Can you believe this echoing with the cursive. So clever!
Block #16
Block #17 is from? A whole village surrounds this person. What's with the horns?
Block #17

Block #18 is from? Again, lovely thoughts and such cute creatures.
Block #18
Block #19 is from? Here's that haircut again. I think Kelly has hair like that (I've never met her).
Block #19
Block #20 is from? Very futuristic, indeed!
Block #20
Block #21 is from? Looks sort of like an octopus. Hope it's friendly.
Block #21
Block #22 is from? Hearts on fire. Love this one, too.
Block #22
Block #23 is from? Now that's an amazing tree and the root system is something else!
Block #23
Block #24 is from? Hair dryer and scissors. Someone has plans!
Block #24
That's an amazing quilt. My dear friend Connie Gallant did the quilting. Valery and her friends got together and presented this to Kelly. And they all got to enjoy seeing their little works of art in that quilt.

Do you have a favorite from these 24 blocks? Hard to choose, I know.


  1. The artistry is pretty amazing. If one or two blocks were outstanding it would be impressive but for all 24 to be so well done is over the top!

    1. Hi, Nancy. Yes, that is truly amazing, isn’t it? That all of those 24 friends have such talent. I can only draw stick figures (yes - ask my grandkids!)

      Thanks for stopping by,

  2. What an amazing group of friends. I want to meet Kelly and all her buddies. Thanks for sharing these. Your setting is perfect. And that border really sings. Amazing!

  3. Hi Debby! Wow! What a great, creative bunch of young people. Each block is unique and more fun that the next, and I'll bet it was warmly received. I'm so glad you decided to share it with us. I really like the layout and how each block is highlighted. Really nice and fun! ~smile~ Roseanne

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