Windham Wednesday with Grand Illusion, Part 2

Remember these fabrics from last Wednesday? They are part of Grand Illusion by Windham Fabrics. I shared my concept for another Rose Star quilt, but I hadn't finished putting everything together. Today I'm showing my last few steps to get to the quilt top.

Do you remember these from last week? Some fussy cutting of the small motifs in the border print. Today I'm fussy cutting LARGE motifs from the all over print to make up for an inaccurate calculation for my borders!

2" English Paper Piecing hexagons and diamonds
I put the center together and squared up the sides of the hexagon so that I could add borders. Then, when I measured the border fabric I had - ooops! Not enough to go all the way around without a corner square. Not to worry! On to Plan B. I fussy cut some more of those luscious motifs as shown below.

Fussy cut a motif for a border corner square
I will put these in each of the 4 border corners. But how did I cut the border print? Do you remember my original digital rendition of this Rose Star?

Rose Star digital rendition of the fabrics
I only had 5 repeats of this border print and I had already cut into part of one strip! I figured I would do a little creative cutting.

Two repeats of the border print
Yes, I have a plan! But I forgot to look at my digital print one last time and I put the borders on BACKWARDS! What was I thinking? Well, what do you think?

Grand Illusion Rose Star: 42" x 48"
And, no, I will not take the borders off and turn them around. This is DONE and you and I are the only ones who know my little secret! Shhhh! Don't tell anyone, please?

Go check out the whole Grand Illusion collection at the Windham web site. It ships to stores this month. I have more plans to use those extra motifs in my English Paper Piecing classes this summer.

You can find my Rose Star pattern (either digital or hard copy with acrylic template) at my Etsy store.


  1. Hi Debby! It really doesn't matter about the border as long as you were consistent on all sides. Otherwise it would be terribly noticeable. Great use of the border print! ~smile~ Roseanne

  2. Love it just the way it is.


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