New Homes for Charity Quilts

I have a LOT of UFOs - quilt tops made for a variety of blog posts for fabric companies, samples for the classes I teach, and just sewing for fun. I can't possibly finish all of them (can you think 3 dozen or more? I'm not kidding!)

My local guild (Reston QU of Virginia) has a goal of providing at least 150 quilts for a local group for a summer project. It's called Young Lives of Herndon. Single moms and their little kids are invited to a camp for fun, relaxation and pampering. Their goal is to provide each child with their own quilt.

Here are 7 that I recently donated. I provided the tops and Jeanne C. quilts them. I take them back and put the binding on.

EZ Winding Ways was a class sample. 31" x 31"
 This next quilt was part of a Benartex blog post long ago.

Floribunda Baskets. 38" x 38"
My go-to pattern for letting the fabric do all the work using my Tilt pattern. These are also Benartex fabrics.
Lizards and Frogs - perfect for a little boy. 42" x 42"

Back to Benartex! My Photo Corners Birds was both a class sample and a blog post. Letting the fabric do all the work.

Avignon Photo Corners Birds. 29" x 29"
 I took a child's soft book and cut apart the 12 pages. Again, my Tilt pattern!
Pokey Puppy soft book panels deconstructed! 42" x 42"
 Paper pieced Nosegay blocks leftover from a workshop!
Nosegay Blocks - a small wheelchair lap quilt. 27" x 44"

Leftovers from a long ago workshop for Winding Ways.
Six block Winding Ways quilt. 30" x 40"
I gave Jeanne 5 more quilts. She has longarm quilted more than 1,000 of these sorts of quilts for my guild. Did I make a dent in my UFOs? Not on your life! But I'm working on it.

Hope you enjoyed the show.


  1. Awesome!! I need to do more of this

    1. We all have charities in our communities that we can donate our quilts to. And they always appreciate it.

  2. Hi Debby! I love your EZ Winding Ways and of course, the Tilt pattern. It surely does let the fabric shine. ~smile~ Roseanne

    1. EZ Winding Ways has been a "lazy" approach to DWR for at least 20 years for me. Yes, this lets the fabric take center stage, right?

  3. Love "let the fabric do the work" concept. I enjoy making community service quilted items - quilts, placemats, and pillowcases. This year I began making QOV quilts, and I'm om my third one. I will be reorganizing my fabric closet this week, and I will pay attention for fabrics that can do the work. YAY! for great guilds that do good work. I'm happy to say that thee guild I belong to is one such group. Amazingly generous people.

    1. Always glad to hear of quilters around the country making good use of their stashes to make a variety of charity quilts. You realize we will NEVER go thru the entire stash, so might as well try! Thanks for making those QOV quilts.

  4. What a great way to use the quilts.

    1. Just got 3 more back last night from the quilter. Am binding them today. And will pull several more from my closet. I love the piecing and love having someone else do the quilting. This way I can justify making more quilts (and using more of my fabric)!

  5. Loved the idea of taking the book and putting the pages on a quilt. Love all of the quilts colors and how they turned out.


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