More Diamonds Which I Won't Call Rhombuses

Such an uppity word: rhombus. Sure, I used it when I taught high school math. It's a real word for a real object. But, hey - I'm talking diamonds and they sure sparkle more than a rhombus!

Anyway, I cut SO many 4-1/2" 60 degree diamonds from as many blue fabrics as I could and I guess I got carried away!

Lots and lots of 4-1/2" diamonds (60 degree)
I had a plan. Actually, two plans. I finally finished the second quilt top this weekend and here she is:

Floating Diamonds: 58" x 59"
Here was my approach. I auditioned some fabric to see how I would like separating the horizontal rows.

First I auditioned a horizontal sashing strip
 Then I look at the rows joined without any sashing.
No sashing
Guess you know which version won!

Here is the first quilt which I made last year. I call it My Diamonds Have the Blues. It's about 60" x 60" and I quilted it myself. That was too big for me, but I persevered.

My Diamonds Have the Blues
This uses the SAME blue 4-1/2" diamonds and 4-1/2" blue print background triangles. Honest. It's just that I arranged them differently (no kidding!) Here is the center of that top quilt.

Center of Floating Diamonds quilt
My Etsy pattern has both versions (I just updated it). There are NO y-seams. All rotary cut, though a multi-sized 60 degree ruler will help with those triangles. The diamonds are cut with your ordinary 6 x 12 acrylic ruler (using the 60 degree diagonal line).

Check it out. And this is NOT called: My Rhombuses Have the Blues!


  1. Now I have to start another jacket just to play with diamonds - maybe a sleeve since the Lone Star class at Quilt Odyssey will provide the back.

  2. Love it. What a great scrap quilt the floating diamonds would make.


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