Orphan Log Cabin Blocks

My friend gave me some orphan log cabin blocks. She didn't have any use for them but knew I love leftovers (but not my husband, mind you!)

I was thinking houses. I was also thinking stars. I made a large quilt with the log cabins in the center of stars. I gave it to a friend to quilt and donate to charity. I removed the outside rectangles and used a blender.

Four Stars in elongated setting
But I had four more blocks and thought "houses." I added roofs but then thought: what about BIRD houses? I added the perch on two of them.

On the way to being houses
I put it all together and thought: well, what about BIRDS in the air - like Flying Geese? Why not, indeed? This quilt morphed from just scrappy log cabins to what I call "Tweet Apartment Living." It's about 40" square and I quilted it on my Handi Quilter Sweet 16. Very green. Very scrappy. Very good way to use up scraps!

Tweet Apartment Living: 40" x 40"
I love scrap buster quilts, don't you? I think I'll dig into some more orphan blocks and see what is just waiting for a new life in a small quilt. Hope you enjoyed seeing my tweet little birdhouses in the garden.


  1. I love your Tweet Apartment quilt! Might need to make something like that, thanks for the inspriration.

  2. Hi Debby! What a cute and clever project. I bet your friend will be surprised at the path her leftover blocks took. I am a fan of leftovers but not too creative on the use of leftover blocks. Happy Monday. ~smile~ Roseanne

  3. Our stashes and piles of abandoned blocks and UFOs can get new life if we just don't rush things. I've had those blocks for at least 5 years. Glad I gave you some inspiration!

  4. Love them all....so creative!

  5. Both quilts show great ideas for orphan blocks. Our guild also uses them to make placemats - just wrap the block in border(s). We donate them for the special deliveries the folks who receive Meals on Wheels receive at Thanksgiving and/or Christmas. We don't use holiday themed fabrics, so they can enjoy their placemats year round. I think I'll try my hand at the star design for a community service quilt from orphan blocks.


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