Fossil Fern Week: Day 3

Are you still with me? Do you want to see a really BIG block? I mean BIG!

This is a vintage block from Mountain Mist called Friendship Plume. I drafted it to the size I wanted and it is a slight variation from the original. Here's a vintage quilt that appeared in one of our magazines years ago.

Two Friendship Plume quilts in red and white
I took the little teardrops off the tips of the plumes and made the actual appliqué piece 15" x 15". I then stitched it to a 17" background square.

Freezer paper template ready to be cut from a gorgeous purple Fossil Fern
 My background square is a no-name light blue. It takes at least 15 minutes of sewing machine zigzag stitching (satin stitch) to get around all these curves - and I'm lightning fast. What do you think?

15" Friendship Plume block
And the stitching from the back:

Back of Friendship Plume block
And the very first Friendship Plume block I made as the pillow front with one of those floppy flanges. I had to use two different greens because - you guessed it - I was working with only fat quarters! I still own this lovely pillow and the Fossil Fern colors are still as vibrant as the first day I cut into them. Go check out the colors on the Benartex web site and see if your local quilt shop has any for sale.

Friendship Plume pillow
You can see more pictures of my other Hawaiian appliqué blocks at my Etsy shop. Check out the Friendship Plume and Fleur de Lis pattern.


  1. Fantastic Debby. I live the positive and negative of the red & white quilts.

  2. This is a beautiful block and I love the little star design that forms in the center. The red and white quilts are gorgeous.

  3. fossil fern is such a beautiful fabric, it shines, it moves.

  4. Hi Debby! WOWEE - a 17" block would make for a lightening fast quilt, too. And a generous sized one at that even at 3x4. This pattern surely looks Hawaiian-inspired, especially in the yellow and green last photo. ~smile~ Roseanne

  5. I am always amazed at how the same quilt in two different colors or reversed colors always look so different even though it is the same pattern.


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