My Tea Party Quilt Updated

Remember my 2018 Tea Party Block of the Month? I shared all the blocks I had made several years ago (and some new ones) and used for a workshop in Atlanta. These were free each month and are now available in my Etsy store. I especially had fun making several more tea cups!

Stacked Tea Cups
Do you remember this pic of the scattered blocks?
Various blocks in various sizes
As I was putting this quilt together with VERY simple sashing, I could NOT find the last block: the December crock. Actually, I had made two of them. Maybe that was because I had moved Thanksgiving weekend and they were hiding in a box somewhere! I since found them and promptly lost them again. Sigh.

December Crock Block #1
 And the second one (I think they are scheming somewhere deep in a closet):

December Crock Block #2
I went ahead and put the quilt together - minus the two Crock blocks. As you can see, I had an abundance of those tea cups! I quilted it last week on my HandiQuilter Sweet 16.

Tea Party Quilt: 49" x 56"
I can now see that the scale on those tea cups next to the coffee pot (on top row) is a bit off! But, it's done and that's that, right?

Here are a few blocks up close (as they sat under the HQ needle):

Tea Cup and Basket blocks side by side
 And one of the several tea cups:

One more tea cup
Yes, you can see that I used all Kaffe Fassett fabrics. I have a lot of these and some of them are "vintage." I love the combination of the solids with the prints.

One more block I would love to figure out what to do with is a Cedar Waxwing perched atop one of the tea cups. This bird is one of 5 in my Laurel Wreath quilt patterns (with 20 flower blocks). I'm going to feature this vintage set in the next few weeks.
Cedar Waxwing perched on my Tea Cup
You can still find the 25 page pdf of these Tea Party Blocks at my Etsy store. If you've made your blocks into a quilt, let me know! I'd love to see it.


  1. Looking forward to the Vintage set. I have all the patterns for the teacup quilt and of course, I have not done it yet. Maybe now that my volunteer hours are cut back a little I will find the time.

  2. Lovely quilt Debby and I really love the quilting. The crock blocks are going to be sorry they didn't play nice and get included in this one.
    Looking forward to seeing your vintage set.

  3. I don't know of any vintage tea cups that size proportion, but I do have a modern really big tea cup. It is about the size of my smallest teapot. I like the way your quilt turned out without the crocks.


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