Oak Leaf and Rose Wreath Quilt

I honestly don't think I have shared this quilt here before, yet it's one of my favorites. I made it at the end of 1996 and it was published in Quilt Magazine in 1997. My inspiration came from two vintage blocks: Oak Leaf and Rose Wreath!

Oak Leaf and Rose Wreath: 51" x 51"
A red and green quilt is a timeless color combination. The blocks are 14" square. I actually started this as a hand appliqué project and not too long into the first block, I threw the whole thing in the trash can and grabbed my fusible webbing and happily stitched the whole thing by machine using raw edge methods. I didn't like hand appliqué and haven't done it since.

Don't be shocked! To each his/her own.

Here is the Oak Leaf Block. The pattern calls for two.

Oak Leaf Block
 And the Rose Wreath (also, needing two):

Rose Wreath Block
Here's a flat shot of the quilt as it hung in a display of my quilts at a private club years ago:

Oak Leaf and Rose Wreath
That swag border is 7" wide. That was the first - and last - time I made this intricate (and very traditional) border! This is not a quilt you can make in a day, or even in a week (unless you have nothing else to do). But sometimes we get the urge to make something this lovely and enjoy every single moment. I certainly did!

You can find this pattern in my Etsy shop. You may find that you have other ideas for arranging the blocks or for making this larger. I hope you enjoyed my little stroll down memory lane!


  1. It certainly is a beautiful quilt Debby.And a treasure to cherish. Although I personally love to needle turn hand applique, I think doing this on the machine was the right choice. With all those curves in there, it is a lot easier to get them perfect on the machine.But, honestly, you should give it another try on something simpler. You might just find that you like it.

  2. Hi Debby! You have really been on a roll with posts lately! And I'm enjoying every minute of it. I enjoy both hand and machine appliqué, but I don't hold it against anyone that doesn't. As you said, to each your own. This is a beautiful quilt. I think it would be so gorgeous on my Christmas side table, but not enough to actually make one. HAHA! No time for that before THIS holiday but maybe next year! ~smile~ Roseanne


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