Amish Inspired Quilts

I helped Windham Fabrics develop a solids palette to go with the Gee's Bend quilt patterns. I used a lot of those fabrics to create a few Amish inspired quilts. The Amish work in solids and I found some examples of traditional quilts I wanted to make using the Windham solids.

Amish Classic Shadows is my take on a vintage quilt. I made this in 2009.

Amish Classic Shadows: 52" x 63"
Here is a flat shot taken from my 2014 Calendar of Quilts.

Amish Classic Shadows
Here's a second quilt I made. Quite a bit more piecing that the Classic Shadows quilt!

Amish Triangles: 48" x 66"
And draped over a chair (as this appeared in a Fons and Porter magazine):
Amish Triangles
Here is a pic of the vintage quilt that inspired the Amish Triangles quilt. Just look at that hand quilting! Beautiful, huh? As you can see in comparing this with my version, I added rounds of solid sashings instead of staying only with triangles. A whole lot less piecing.

Vintage Amish Triangles quilt
Here's the palette of solid fabrics we came up with back in 2008 for those Gee's Bend quilts.

You can find my Classic Amish Shadows quilt in my Etsy store. Of course, any solid fabrics will do. This is a perfect quilt for a man or woman who doesn't like fussy flowers (that's 2 of my 3 daughters!) That's why my two quilts no longer live in my house - they were snatched by one of those daughters.


  1. Dear Debby, you are really inspiring me!! I am so happy looking your beutiful works and very grateful for you generosity of free patterns. Many, many thanks for all you do!!! Best greetings from Finland with first snow this Noveber! Aune Mattila


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