Thanksgiving Week Colors: Blue Tuesday

Tuesday blues? Not sad, for sure. I already showed you my red Vortex. Here's my class sample in blue. It's just the quilt center. Each of those four units are 10". You need four units to make a complete Dresden Plate. Do I have this in other colors? Wait and see!

Blue Vortex center: 20" x 20"
Here's a turquoise quilt I shared in the past few months. Again, made with some Blank Quilting fabrics from several years ago. It's a strippy quilt that I called Seminole Steps. This also uses 2-1/2" strips - honest! I shared this as a  FREE pattern. Here it is again!

Seminole Strippy Quilt
Now for the scrappy quilts. These are from my Gee's Bend set of patterns. The first is the Work Clothes quilt, perfect for those faded blue jeans you've been hoarding.

Work Clothes quilt by Loretta Pettway
And my interpretation:

Work Clothes Denim: 46" x 60"
And another favorite that uses blues and denim, rightly called Housetop Denim!

Housetop Denim: 51" x 62"
And here's the original by Rita Pettway:
Original Housetop Denim by Rita Pettway

OK. Just one more. This is my Kaffe Fassett rendition of Baby Blocks. NO y-seams; all rotary cut diamonds and triangles. That's a lot of blue, don't you think?

My Diamonds Have the Blues
Let's see some of those blue diamonds, shall we? I actually cut SO MANY diamonds that I had enough for another quilt!

4" diamonds
This second quilt is part of the Diamonds with the Blues above. It is 59" x 60". Again, no y-seams.

Floating Diamonds (unquilted)
OK. I thought of two more quilts that feature blue. Do you remember the Memory Bouquet quilt? The remake of the vintage quilt with lots of flowers? The only way I was able to do this quilt was with the generous help of my wonderful guild in Atlanta in the early 2000s.

Memory Bouquet Quilt: 63" x 63"
And just a taste of blue for your table. This is my Double Star Table Topper. No y-seams. All patches are rotary cut.

Blue Double Star: 18" x 21"
I think I should stop. I hope you got a good taste of the blues today - no sadness here. See you on Wednesday for . . . You'll have to wait and see what color I reveal.


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