Quilts to Salute Veterans

I found more quilts (you aren't surprised, are you?) that have the Americana theme. And they're stars!

One of them I created using a collection called Storybook Americana by Windham Fabrics. They are reproduction prints from the 1930s. One print shows George Washington cutting down that mythical cherry tree. This is a BIG 19-1/2" (finished) block. All rotary cut; no y-seams!

Storybook Americana Star: 31-1/2" x 31-1/2"
Each of the 8 diamonds is a 4-Patch. This is pieced in strips and then sliced using those 45 degree lines on your acrylic rulers! (Now you know why they are there, right?)

Then I split the corner squares and large triangles into smaller triangles so that the y-seams are gone!

1/4 of the Lone Star
Yes, you can see old George cutting down that tree with his very shocked mom flinging her hands up in shock. See that hatchet?

One of the fabric skus showing old George chopping!
You can find this Lone Star pattern in my Etsy shop for only $6.00. This is fun to make in ANY colors (I even have this in Christmas fabrics).

Now for another quilt using Americana colors of red, white and blue. This is an oldie, designed and made for Windham Fabrics in 2007 and then it appeared in my second book, Supersize 'Em Quilts (2009, Martingale Publishing). Note the 3 different renditions of those diamonds. Again, these have 19-1/2" blocks.
Big Block Lone Stars: 89" x 89"
And another quilt I made for Quilt Magazine about 15 years ago, since gifted to a Gold Star mother. She lost her young son in Afghanistan. She has it hanging over his bed.

Americana Hearts
And a flag quilt I made almost 30 years ago that I actually hand quilted (gasp!)
My American Flag quilt
And one last one that I know you've seen here before. Made with reproduction coverlets and since gifted to my nephew. I call it Patriot's Day.

Patriot's Day quilt
OK. I think that's enough and a great way to say to all you veteran's out there: Thank you for your service. We salute you!


  1. Thank you Debby for your Patriotic quilt show. My husband serviced this beautiful country with honor and I will let him know of your thanks.

  2. I love any patriotic quilt or those in red, white, and blue. These are beautiful.


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