Thanksgiving Week Colors: Red Monday

I do not like Black Friday, but I totally understand the hype. I stay FAR AWAY from any stores on the day after Thanksgiving (called "Black Friday" here in the USA).

I thought I would feature a color a day this week (all quilt related, of course) and maybe, maybe, end with black on Friday.

Let's start with Red Monday. We all have fire in our bellies on Monday, right? (Yeah, right!)

Modern Vortex, a variation on the Dresden Plate
You've seen this before: it's my Modern Vortex quilt. Red and White, inspired by a vintage quilt from the early 20th century.

Vintage Vortex quilt
And let's see a few from my last book. Here is "Seeing Red Again." The 15"blocks are paper pieced for a 38" x 38" quilt. The center circles are interfaced and appliquéd on. Yes, I did set in those curved backgrounds!

Seeing Red Again

And one more from my book which I called Red Mango Tango. I took four paper pieced blocks and arranged the units in such a way that one quarter of each block was turned 180 degrees. Do that four times and it creates the illusion of a fifth block in the center. Clever, huh? The blocks are 16", with a 45" x 45" center.

Red Mango Tango
And one more (though certainly not the last one in my 30 year career): Red Hot Flash. This was a free pattern done for Blank Quilting Fabrics several years ago. It uses 2-1/2" strips of various reds. You may be able to find the free pattern online (search for "Red Hot Flash").

Red Hot Flash: 59" x 70"
Then there's my Christmas quilt which I call Facets of Color Christmas Tree. Simple circles (interfaced) arranged into a holiday tree. I love this one so much it's been hanging in my foyer since LAST Christmas!

Facets of Color Holiday Tree: 34" x 39"
And one last one (are you still with me?). This was a pattern I wrote for Creative Grids rulers several years ago. It's a simple variation of a Log Cabin called Greek Key. I named it Red Hot Logs. There is a pink variation included in the pattern (which I will share later this week).

Red Hot Logs: 42" x 50"
So, Monday is for red in our quilts. I am probably safe to assume you've made a red quilt here and there, right? Not sure what my color will be tomorrow. Just come on back and see!


  1. Hi Debby! I love red! I haven't made too many quilts that just feature red. A redwork hand embroidered quilt is all that comes to mind. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. I'll be staying FAR away from the stores as well. Online shopping is more my speed. ~smile~ Roseanne

  2. Love the reds. What a great display of color.

  3. I with you concerning Black Friday. I like the red quilts.


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