Trip Around the World

Sometimes you see a beautiful piece of fabric and have no idea what to do with it. There are lines and borders around motifs that you can't imagine chopping into little pieces! But, you don't want to just put it on the back of a quilt.

I was reminded of a traditional Trip Around the World quilt and the light bulbs went off in my little pea brain. Why not use the little motifs in this very specific Kaffe Fassett print in such an assembly. Why not, indeed?
Sunburst motifs cut out with some companion fabrics

I bought a yard or so of the Sunburst fabric last year. I like to purchase Kaffe prints from Glorious Color (online). They are VERY careful in cutting my fabrics and with this print, it was imperative that they not destroy an entire row.

More Sunburst fabrics in my sewing room waiting for inspiration
This Sunburst fabric (click the link for Glorious Color) has 11 motifs in each row (from selvedge to selvedge). Here is how it's shown online:
Sunburst motifs as they appear in the fabric
See what I mean about being totally ACCURATE!? There is NO space between the rows and squares. You have to cut with a very steady hand!

OK. So, I bet you want to see what I made, right? It is now at the longarm quilter, but this is the quilt top as I photographed it in my foyer.

Sunburst Trip Around the World: 57" x 57"

If you are a Kaffe Fassett fabric lover, you may even have a yard or so of this fabric. Check out my pattern in my Etsy shop: Sunburst Trip Around the World. This pattern will also work with any floral print that you can cut into smaller squares. The pattern has color directions, a coloring chart (for you to plan your fabric placement) and a full color assembly photo.


  1. Debbie, the very first quilt i ever attempted was Trip Around the World. It is one of my all time favorite quilts. I think it is time to make another one!! Yours is beautiful!!

    1. Many thanks, E (no name came thru). Trip Around the World is a timeless pattern that works with all sorts of beautiful fabrics. The key is placement, right?

  2. Brilliant!! My mind has a hard time figuring out fabric usage, but you obviously have no issues with that... Great use of Kaffe fabrics and it turned out beautiful.

  3. Hi, Vivian. I had this fabric in my stash for at least 2 years, so I guess it was hard for me to think up a way to use it. But seeing a traditional Trip Around the World quilt somehow made me think of using it that way. Glad you liked the little quilt. I'll show it finished once it returns from the longarmer.

  4. That's a great print. It works well in Trip Around the World.

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