Free Pattern Friday: Hexagon Pinwheels

This is a post from 2008 (that's 12 years ago!). I love hexagons and working with pre-cut strips. These are called "Fat Rolls" and they are 5" strips. I'm sure you can find some fabrics in your own stash that you can cut into 5" strips.

These plaids are from Windham Fabric's Basics Collection (2012) of plaids, checks, dots and stripes - awesome fabric staples. Timeless geometrics that should be in everyone's stash.
Hexagon Pinwheels Quilt: 44" x 48"
I made this quilt for Windham Fabrics in 2008 and it is still available as a FREE pattern download. While they no longer sell these "Fat Rolls", which are like Jelly Rolls on steroids (5" strips instead of puny 2-1/2" strips), it is easy to cut your own strips from your own stash. I remember first hearing about them from the Marketing Director and I thought, "Fat Rolls? Isn't that something I have around my waist?"

Everything is straight seam sewing. Just to prove it, here are two images from the FREE pattern.

Try this neat trick: Sewing two 5" strips together into a tube and then cutting apart for 2-triangle units. Pop the seam at the top of the triangle and then press for two triangles. Sew into the hexagon shape. Cut side triangles and also the plain alternate triangles.

I prefer to use a multi-sized 60 degree triangle to cut these. The ones with the blunted tips are best. You probably have one in your sewing room. I'll wait while you run and check . ..

Sew strips together into a tube and cut apart with any 60 degree ruler
Make 20 of these Pinwheel Blocks and sew together into horizontal rows.

Now, how to get the pattern? Click here: Hexagon Pinwheels Quilt


  1. As you might remember, I have a terrible time with hexies. I printed this to add to my to do pile. My mind just doesn't wrap around it. Lets see if I can actually do it without trouble. Thanks for all the patterns.

  2. I saved this pattern several years ago. I loved the pattern, but never made it. I think I was stopped because it was after Fat rolls were not out anymore. How interesting that you had it on your site.


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