(Almost) Quick Gifts: Day 4

We still have 3 weeks until Christmas. You're not shopping or baking 24 hours a day, are you? Can you spare a little fabric and time to make some Lone Star quilts? LONE STAR - are you nuts, Debby?

Holiday Lone Star: 29" Block
I posted a tutorial of how to make this 29" Lone Star a few years ago for a Christmas in July blog hop. I since quilted it. NO y-seams; all rotary cut. Check it out! You will also see the small quilt I made using the leftovers. You can find the pattern with several variations in my Etsy store.

Here's another Holiday Lone Star quilt I made in 2014. Again, no y-seams. One star and you're done! There are only 8 large diamonds, eight small triangles and eight large triangles. That's all it takes to make this block.

Very large Lone Star block with some fun borders
Now for some hexagons. Easy to cut with that 60 degree ruler you have gathering dust in your sewing room. Now pull it out and check out my pattern for making these Twisted Hexagon blocks. One block can be a table mat! I fussy cut this flower motif so it is the star of the block.

Single hexagon with dark center
 And then I fussy cut for a white center.

Single hexagon with light center
I actually put several together for a table runner. Can I show it to you? There are no y-seams; all straight seam sewing. I leave this unquilted because I use it when I teach my Twisted Hexagons classes. My students like to see how the seams are from the wrong side.

3 Twisted Hexagon Blocks make a lovely table runner (or wall banner)
Just some ideas. I will be back with more!


  1. These are beautiful. Wish I had the time right now. Up to my ears in Sea turtles and Christmas.


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