My Vintage Christmas Ornaments

No. I didn't inherit these. Nor did I find these in an antique store. I made them decades ago (how's 40 years for a few of them? That's vintage, right?)

I've been married for over 42 years and began making holiday ornaments to decorate our home from the very first year. As I unpacked my Christmas box a few weeks ago, I marveled that I still had some of these.

This goose pillow was a free pattern at a local fabric store (Minnesota Fabrics). They had a special demo day in late November with samples, a stage presentation, and a FREE multi-page booklet of all the lovely Christmas projects and gift ideas. I remember how excited I was to get out of the house and leave my husband with two babies while I slipped away for 2 hours to be inspired in my favorite craft: SEWING! I made one for me and one for my mother in law.

Christmas Goose from 1980-83
I did all sorts of needle crafts. Embroidery was one. This little angel dates back to the mid 1980s, too. I don't think I ever took a picture of her. I did on Saturday and then gave her a special place in my kitchen.
Embroidered Angel with red ric rac edging
Remember, this was the 1980s. ALL patterns were printed - whether in books or magazines or catalogs. There was no internet to scour, Pinterest boards to haunt, blogs to follow. This also may be from one of those FREE Minnesota Fabrics booklets. I had to do a lot of free in those days; I was a stay at home mom (with 2 college degrees) and my husband worked for a Christian non-profit agency. Money was tight!

And how about this cross stitch wreath? Don't you just love that ric rac? The red bow is stitched with thread - that is not red fabric!
Cross Stitch wreath with ric rac
Now for one of my favorites. I made this in 1980. It is a stuffed, 3-D Christmas tree. It was a printed panel that you cut out, stuffed and then somehow is stitched so there are four sections. I wrap lights around it every year just like this. Those little red bows are still hanging on after all this time.

3-D fabric tree
This is another tree that I probably made in the late 1980s. It also was a panel and I stuffed it and put cardboard in the bottom so it could stand upright. I added all sorts of "bling" with beads, sequin stars, etc. Isn't it cute? Santa seems to like it!
Stuffed Christmas tree with Santa
This is probably one of the oldest ornaments. It looks sort of like a sick green potato, doesn't it? That green used to be deep, Christmas green. The felt is so faded and threadbare. I used counted cross stitch to write "Kratovil" on. I showed it to my husband the other day and his eyebrows shot up high!

Counted cross stitch felt heart

Well, that's all I have to share. I do have some other oldie-goldie handmade ornaments, but I thought these would bring back some memories of what we quilters used to do with our hands before we discovered QUILTS!


  1. You and I have been married the same amount of time, and I LOVED going to Minnesota Fabrics every November to get those free booklets and see all the demos!! And I live in Western PA!! Small world!! I actually still have a few of those booklets around the house somewhere. Ah, the memories! Thanks!!!

  2. What wonderful memories are attached to each and everyone of those items. It takes twice as long to decorate, but the memories are so worth it. I remember making a similar tree and gifting to a friend who had toddlers. That way they could play with it and not damage anything. Thanks for sharing your Christmas memories.

  3. I would love for you to make these embroidery pieces available to us. I embroiderd Feed sack towels for a Christmas gift this year.


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