Quick Gift Ideas: Day 2

You could call these gifts, but in essence, these are cute little bits to liven up your holiday decorating or to go with wrapped gifts. These hail back MANY years and were featured in various quilting magazines.

I isolated some Christmas motifs and then glued them to some folded card stock. I punched a hole in the corners of some and threaded some ribbon.

You can see a log cabin block with santa in the center (bottom left) that is a perfect mug rug. And that envelope at the very bottom right is fabric front and back with fusible webbing in the center. I call it a Fabri-lope. I used a large envelope as my template. It can be used to hold money or other small gift.

Gift cards, mug rug and Fabri-lope
Now, you can buy a variety of blank greeting cards with various shapes to be filled. These were made 15 years ago. Not sure what is available these days, but thought you'd enjoy seeing these.

3 different shapes to feature fabric or even a small block!
I took a trip to Michael's (and they are also online) and bought a few packs of black cards for slipping photos into. I'd rather slip fabric into them, right? I'll be sharing those at a later date.

Here are some I found at the local Dollar store a few years ago. I place the fabric on a small piece of batting and did some simple straight stitch quilting.

Small scrap, quilted and fills the opening
 Two more cards:
Two more beautiful scraps peeking out of those openings
And all 3 together. Because the cards are in 3 sections with the front glued to the second section, you have to break open the glued parts to get your work inside. Just glue it back together!
3 holiday cards
I also used these snowflake cards with some Hanukkah fabric. Just because it's snowflakes doesn't mean it's only for Christmas! This is so pretty it can sit as a decorative picture on someone's desk.
Hanukkah card
I'll be back tomorrow with some REAL gifts (these are just the cards, right?). We all have some awesome novelty fabrics that are just begging to be center stage. You have 24 hours to run and find it!