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Last week I was looking for something else entirely when I came across my 4 paper pieced Coffee Cups from 2016! Yes, sometimes it takes awhile for me to finish what I start. I quickly realized that the hard work was done and all I needed to do was quilt these! I used simple, straight line quilting and my Bernina walking foot to finish them.

Four Paper Pieced Coffee Cups
Here's what the block looks like after the paper is removed. Because I trim my fabric BEFORE I add the next patch (using an Add-a-Quarter ruler), this leaves a neat 1/4" seam and if you didn't know any better, you'd think I used pre-cut patches! My Etsy pattern has several pages in color with process steps and accurate cutting for the patches.

Back of paper pieced coffee cup, after paper is removed
You've seen a variety of these patterns before and I've shared the vintage pattern I used to convert these to paper piecing. Here's a pic of that vintage pattern from the Kansas City Star. Yes. Those are all TEMPLATES!

A page from the Kansas City Star
Here's the first quilt I made using my converted pattern. It was published in Quilt Magazine in the late 1990s.  I gave it to a friend in Atlanta 20 years ago!

Nine 7" paper pieced Coffee Cups
Now I have some more small holiday gifts ready to share. Like I said last week, sometimes it's just taking a UFO and giving it the finishing touches. I still have 10 more of these that are begging to be finished! Yes, they really were made in 2015. As you can see, I'm not in a hurry.

10 more of those Coffee Cups from 2015
I made a Tea Pot (again, from a vintage pattern) to go with them. I'm considering making some sort of Tea Themed quilt using it and those coffee cups (which now would be tea cups, right?)

10" vintage tea pot pattern
I'll keep you posted. If you missed any of my posts from the 2018 Tea Party BOM, you can still see them by using the search box on the right.


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