2012 Calendar Quilts Now Available

13 Quilts for $15.00. You can't beat that! This was a wall calendar of quilts published in 2012 and I've put everything into a 92 page pdf on CD. Full color. Well illustrated. Check out the slide show I put together with Smilebox. If you view it, try to avoid a phone or iPad. It gets crazy on those devices (and I hope Smilebox can fix it for me). Pattern in Etsy shop.

Check out the slide show on Smilebox to see all of the quilts
This is NOT available for download. It's just too big. Here's the back cover of the original calendar:

2012 Wall Calendar of Quilts

Royal Star is there. This was inspired by an early 1900s block made with templates! Mine is quick rotary cut (9 patches) and easy paper piecing those corner points.

Royal Star: 49" x 49"
So is my Snow Crystals. Again: inspired by a vintage block. Also paper pieced.

Snow Crystals: 33" x 33"
Several of these individual quilts are in my Etsy shop. But you can have all 13 for $15 and free shipping. 2012 Wall Calendar of Quilts is a 92 page pdf burned to a CD, compatible with both Macs and PCs. Nothing to install; it runs from the CD. You can print whatever you wish (but not for distribution, of course).

So, check out the FREE slideshow of the 13 quilts plus see several variations made from many of the patterns.


  1. What a wonderful slide show of your work. These days, that's almost what we pay for just one pattern, so that's a real bargain. I have to wait a couple of weeks, but I'll be back to buy it. I know your directions are always good! Thanks for the time involved to put this together into a CD!


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