Cutting 60 Degree Diamonds for EPP

I use a lot of diamonds in my English Paper Piecing. I love to use them alone as in my Seven Sisters Quilt. Each of the 7 star blocks uses 12 diamonds (2") and they are set together with orange triangles. You can see this and over 100 of my EPP blocks and quilts on my EPP Pinterest Board!

Seven Sisters made using 2" diamonds
*****Diamonds can be cut from fabric  based on the finished size of the diamond PLUS 3/4” (3/8“ seams on each end). Use your rotary cutter to slice off a 60 degree angle on one end. Measure X” from that edge and cut a fabric diamond. Continue cutting to get the needed number of diamonds for your block. In the example below, I am cutting for a much larger quilt unit, but you get the idea.

Here is a simple chart for 2" diamonds.

Cutting and using diamonds in English Paper Piecing
Measure the paper diamond from flat side to flat side. Add 3/4" for seams (3/8" twice) and cut a strip to that width. Use your standard acrylic ruler with the 60 degree diagonal line and slice every 2-1/2" along the diagonal.

Here are a few more images:

Cut strip based on paper size; slice off selvedge edge at 60 degrees.
You can see the papers and fabrics combined:

EPP diamonds for some very cute blocks
I shared a lot of steps to these and other blocks in my English Paper Piecing Week. You can find the links for those 5 days on the right side bar.
Hearts and  Star Bouquet Block
And some of the diamonds used in my Festive Season Table Topper:
One of the larger 3" diamonds in my 
Do you remember this?

Festive Season Table Topper
And I cut jewels from the diamonds. First, cut the diamonds.

More Diamonds
And I used them in this most recent wreath block (in the center). I used 3" EPP diamond papers.

Festive Season Wreath
Check out my Pinterest Board devoted to English Paper Piecing. I think I need to update it, but there is a lot of inspiration there!