Windham Wednesdays on Thursday

I woke up in the middle of the night (what's new?) and realized that, in my quest for the perfect collection of fabrics for an upcoming Mystery Quilt project with my local guild, I hadn't considered the Norma Rose Collection that's been sitting on my shelves for a few months!! It was sent by Windham Fabrics as they know I like to feature their latest collections here in blog-ville.

Norma Rose by Natalie Barnes for Windham Fabrics (ships in October 2020)
I should have known! I am particularly drawn to all of Natalie Barnes' designs. All the fabrics work well with each other. This collection has 20 different skus and plenty of contrast. Look at those printed grays! Five!!

I have loved:
I still have quite a few fat quarters from Hand Maker and Maker's Home. They will be a perfect blend with what I have. Here is Maker's Home. Can you see the similarities in the colors and personality?

Maker's Home
I was racking my brain to try and remember what I did with most of the Hand Maker fabrics. Well, I finally realized I had combined them with some other Windham fabrics (Lemmikki). Do you remember this quilt?
Winding Ways using a lot of Hand Maker (also by Natalie Barnes)
I also pulled two older Windham Collections. Allow me to show you those, too. Here is the Wisdom Collection. I was actually sent TWO of these bundles of 20 prints. (Those two large pieces on the right are not part of the collection).

Wisdom (from 2018)
I pulled the Gypsy Collection (or what I had left of it). I sewed a quilt using several of the prints.

Gypsy with some lights
Isn't it wonderful to look at all this pretty fabric? I have always enjoyed Windham's offerings and I think you do, too.


  1. Those are some nice fabrics. Great colours.

    1. Yes, Natalie Barnes is such a great designer. So glad you agree!

  2. So pretty! I especially like the speckled prints on the bottom right of the first photo.

    1. Yes, those two prints are truly lovely. You can see them up close at the Windham site:

      You can see why I love everything that Natalie Barnes designs. Happy, happy fabrics and colors!

      Thanks for stopping by!


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