How's Your Online Quilt Learning Going?

I've not entered a classroom for 5 months and I'm not sure if I will for the rest of the year. I miss teaching! I try to do that on this blog. I think so much wonderful teaching is happening online (YouTube, etc) and I'm curious as to what YOU quilters here find helpful, entertaining, what brings you back again and again.

For example, my dear sister Janet (who lives in California) is addicted to so many online quilting videos and watches them as often as possible. But, for some reason, she never learned how to pin two Drunkard's Path units together! Take a look at this! BUT, IT WORKS FOR HER AND I'M NOT JUDGING!

A Thousand Pins (actually, 26)
Will you take a short 6 question survey to help me know what appeals to you, how you learn, what's good and not so good? I know you have favorites and I want to know WHY!

Click here for the SURVEY. My quilts are anxious to get before adoring fans again. For example, this Flying Swallows quilt (and its sister) are tired of waiting up in the closets! They'd rather go virtual than not at all. They were scheduled for about 7 workshops this year and I'm too afraid to tell them they may have to wait for 2021! (I am NOT interested in teaching virtual classes; just short online videos of about 5-10 minutes.)

Flying Swallows without y-seams! All rotary cut.
And the same quilt using Michael Miller's Fairy Frost:

Flying Swallows block: 24" x 24"
Thanks for your input! I appreciate it.


  1. Hi Debby! Wow. I'm not judging but I do wonder if your sister had to go buy more pins?? Inquiring minds want to know. Bwhahahahah! I will happily go take your survey but just want to say, no way. No stickin' way is that the same pattern with just the fabrics different. Cool! {{Hugs}} Take care. ~smile~ Roseanne

  2. That is a lot of pins. Maybe a glue stick would work for her. Honestly I am used to online classes. I take care of someone and so this works just fine for me.

  3. I already took the survey. Love that quilt in the Fairy Frost fabrics.


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