More Hearts in Quilts and FREE Pattern

I discovered some precut hearts for sale in the Keepsake Catalog back in early 2000. I bought a packet of them and made a few quilts. So much fun to have them both pre-cut AND have them ready to appliqué to a background.

A dear friend from my Atlanta days bought a packet of hearts and didn't know what to do with them. She saw some inspiration in a quilt shop the next year and decided to play around with putting them on a single piece of fabric. It appeared in my second book, Supersize 'Em Quilts (2009). I like her super wide binding - it looks like a thin border.

Jeweled Crazy Hearts by Jan Jolly: 42" x 42"

I took this idea and made it into a workshop in 2009. Students received pre-cut squares with fusible webbing on the back and a heart template. Then they were to place them in one or two arrangements on a large piece of background fabric. We used raw edge machine appliqué to stitch them down. Here are a few versions. This next photo is of REAL fabric. No binding yet.

Dancing Hearts Table Runner: 20" x 29"

I made one in 1930s fabrics. Actually, two. These photos are a bit fuzzy as they were taken in 2009 before I had my iPhone. I was using a regular camera (imagine that!).

Dancing Hearts Table Runner: 20" x 29". 1930s prints

And I went bigger with 32 hearts. Notice my extra wide binding (no borders).

One of the versions had some extra leaves, but for the life of me, I can't find my samples.

Of course, you can take simple hearts in any fabric and use them on the fronts of blank cards. No stitching necessary - I used fusible webbing and they're done!

I made several:

My own greeting cards for Valentine's Day.

So, what is the FREE pattern? It's the Jeweled Crazy Hearts as it appeared in my book. (All rights reverted to me when the book went out of print.) You can find the 4 page pdf by clicking on that link.


  1. The runners and the cards are great. I like the card idea a lot, and by next Valentine's Day, I'll have a few made. =) Thank you for the pattern. I like the fat binding idea and will try that on some small piece soon.


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