From My Magazine Days, Day Five

Last day with this magazine issue from early 2007. Quilt Magazine #73 surprised me with all it contained of mine! You can bet that helped pay down the college loans that we had for our  3 daughters.

Page 82: Chain of Squares is based on a vintage block called Asian Mosaic, but it is sewn in rows, so it's hard to see the block.

Chain of Squares: 64" x 64"

Here are the two different colored blocks:

Asian Mosaic (Chain of Squares) blocks

I left the best for last - my Galaxy of Stars quilt. It was a BOM here on my blog in 2015. The blocks are no longer available, but you can the entire pattern with all the blocks in my Etsy store.

She made the cover (for which I was paid a generous bonus; no other magazine gave me anything for making their covers!). Here she is both as shown in the magazine on page 54:

Galaxy of Stars quilt: 80" x 80"

And as seen flat against a wall:

Galaxy of Stars quilt

The center block (Woven Star) is a whopping 24" x 24". There are twelve 12" star blocks and the four corner stars are 6". I've had many happy students (and bloggers) who've made the blocks and quilts!

Here are Maureen's blocks with a light background:

Maureen's Galaxy blocks

And Marie T.'s blocks in process:

Marie T.'s blocks

And Sandy's:

Sandy's blocks

Hope you enjoyed seeing some articles and quilts from the days when quilt magazines were THE way to be inspired. I still love a good quilt magazine, don't you?


  1. I absolutely do love holding a magazine in my hand and touching the photos! It's harder and harder to find one, but I'm happy when I do. I really like the first quilt - it's a great use of all those stars I cut up from scraps and a few strips now and then. I'm working through a shoebox of them right now with two patterns. I wonder if there are enough for another quilt out of that box and some unifying backgrounds. Thank you for sharing both of these. I remember the BOM and still think about it from time to time.

    1. Yes, there's nothing like a real book or magazine! I guess that's our generation. The Stars BOM is coming up for a local Virginia guild. I no longer have the quilt or the extra blocks, so I need to sew up a few samples.


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