From My Magazine Days, Day Three

 Here we are on Page 64 with the Gretchen Quilt. This is an updated version of the vintage block from the 1930s. Here is how it ran in the Kansas City Star:

Page from the Kansas City Star, 1932

How do you like those templates? I certainly didn't and decided to work some magic with my rotary cutter. Now we cut out two sizes of squares and trim them after adding the small triangles. This is what I got:

Red, black and White Gretchen quilt: 9" blocks. 61" x 70" quilt

This became a popular workshop and I still teach it. Students are always shocked at how easy it is to make and how we work our magic with the rotary cutters!

Check out that link to see several other quilts in a variety of fabrics and colors, like this one in Kaffe Fassett prints:

The Gretchen Quilt: 48" x 48"

Back to an earlier page called "Shopping the Net" which described the NEW activity of shopping online. Remember, this was almost 20 years ago and it was like the Wild West. Page 16 talks about various quilting websites and what they offer. Believe me, it was really shocking to many folks that this could be done!

When we did photo lessons in the magazine, we made sure we included as many of our sponsors' products as possible. Fabric, thread, iron, cutter, ruler, mat and sewing machine!

See you next time with another quilt or two!


  1. I had to looks closely at both quilts to see the actual block design as shown in the black and white illustration. It is easier to see in the Red, Black, & White quilt than the Kaffe Fasset fabrics. Probably because there is more fabric variety. Gotta keep those sponsors happy :-)

  2. Yes, the fabric does the work and the companies that produce it like to see that.


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