From My Magazine Days, Day Two

To Grandma's House We Go (page 28) is a quilt I designed for Benartex Fabrics. It was from a collection called "Grandma's House." When I first saw this fabric all I could think of was the song from elementary school days: "Over the river and through the woods to grandmother's house we go." No - that's not me in the photo!

Grandma's House: 8" blocks; 51" x 59" quilt

I started with a basic house block and threw in some hourglass blocks. I had fun with the printed words on one piece of fabric. Just cut them out and machine appliquéd them to the top. I added a pillow with "shhh" on it, too.

I don't have a digital pattern for this, but I do have a funny story about the quilt. I was flying from Atlanta to California for my dad's funeral in 2008. I was bringing this to my sister Kathy for her to have when her grandkids came for a visit. It was in my carryon bag. I had to fly through Denver and there was a tornado warning and we had to be grounded overnight in the airport!

I took out the pillow and quilt and used them to take a snooze. You can be there were plenty of folks looking at me with envy!

Here's a picture of the 8" block:

My Cookie Cutter Christmas Tree is another quilt, found on page 58. I shared a lesson on how to use freezer paper to cut out the fabric. I used raw edge appliqué and NO fusible webbing. I still have this fun quilt.

Cookie Cutter Christmas Tree: 10" x 11" blocks. 28" x 30" quilt

You can see several other quilts and blocks I made using this pattern in another blog post HERE.

Back tomorrow with some more from Quilt Magazine issue #73.


  1. I like the "To Grandma's House We Go" quilt. From what fabric line are the houses made?
    I remember the cookie cutter BOM. The heart and the butterfly were my favorites.

    1. It was a Benartex collection called "Grandma's House." I didn't have to think of a different quilt name! Yes, the Cookie Cutter BOM. That series is over 20 years old!


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