From My Magazine Days, Day Four

Day Four. Same magazine issue! Here are 2 more quilts to inspire you. This is Garden Walk for Windham Fabrics. I used a traditional appliqué pattern of a basket and some dancing leaves. Dancing leaves?

Garden Walk: 9" blocks. 48" x 48" quilt

Here is a digital photo of the quilt:

Assembly Diagram as it appeared in magazine

Let's see one more quilt. This is a set of 6" paper pieced Palm blocks that I set into a pillow. I used some lovely batiks in Autumn colors. Not sure where this pillow is now, but it was fun to make.

Palm block pillow with flange: 24" x 24"

You can find my Palm quilt pattern in my Etsy shop for 7" blocks. Paper piecing is easy using pre-cut strips.

This is how my quilt appears:

Paper pieced Palm quilt. 7" blocks set on point

Yes, I have the last 2 quilts to share tomorrow. And I'll still be in the same magazine issue!


  1. I like the way you use a different number of blocks, so different settings, that other people don't often use. It inspires me to see that.

  2. Yes, I like to share all the different ways our blocks can be arranged. I like to get beyond the expected. I've given two lectures to local guilds in the past 2 weeks and that was what really inspired them and gave them renewed energy.


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