From My Magazine Days: Day One

You can't get where I am today using the path I used, because quilt magazines are on their way out. I was fortunate to "meet" the editor of Quilt Magazine in an America Online quilting bulletin board in early 1993 - that's 30 years ago! I was a quick learner and soon she was publishing everything I could produce. Sometimes real quilts. Other times, lessons which we called "how-tos."

December/January 2007

The magazine shown above is what the other editors liked to call "The Debby Kratovil Issue" because I had 9 features with my byline! Six of those involved quilts. That doesn't mean I produced all of those since the previous magazine, but the senior editor pulled from what she had photographed and what I was continually producing. Let's see a few of those each day this week, ok?

Let's look at the Fabric Stash feature on pages 14-15 and you can have the FREE patterns for the blocks. These feature fabrics that were new in 2006/2007, though I'm sure you have some lovely things in your stash that will do.

The first is the King's Crown block using some Northcott Fabrics (Rose Lace). Here it is in a 12" size:

King's Crown. 12" block

Another lovely block is the Souvenir using the Shibori Collection by Kona Bay fabrics.

Souvenir block. 10" 

Then I designed one using the beautiful Opulence Collection by Benartex, based on Paula Nadelstern's kaleidoscope designs. This is in a 12" size.

Jewels using the Opulence Collection by Paula Nadelstern for Benartex

And finally, the Black and White Collection by Cotton Classics. (Remember, these were current in 2007, so you'll have to use your imagination and dig into your stash to make similar blocks).

Crossed Canoes. 12"

I'll be back tomorrow with TWO quilts that were patterned in this issue. Don't forget to download these - I'm phasing out my free patterns in the next year and these will disappear.