Quilter's Block a Day Calendar, Week 5

Many of you have asked about putting all of these blocks into one quilt. My answer: GO FOR IT!
You also were wondering about grouping the blocks by size. The back of the calendar lists the blocks alphabetically, but not by size. Guess what? Since I'm the author and designer of the entire calendar, I had to keep things straight myself and I have a spreadsheet that organized them. I put the blocks in SIZE ORDER and it's available for FREE. It's a multi-page pdf (not an Excel spreadsheet).

Here are the blocks for this week. We finish out January with 3 blocks, the first of which is Windmills. Take a close look at that lovely blue and white plate with a painting of an old windmill, perhaps from The Netherlands?

January 29: Windmills, 12"
 January 30: X Puzzle
January 30: X Puzzle, 9"
 January 31: Winter Stars
January 31: Winter Stars, 16"
Now on to February

February 1: Balkan Puzzle. Holy Cow! More of those GIANT ants!
February 1: Balkan Puzzle, 8"
 February 2: Prairie Queen
February 2: Prairie Queen, 9"
 February 3: Calico Puzzle Variation

 February 3: Calico Puzzle Variation, 12"
 February 4: Cobblestones. I absolutely love that beautiful print in the center of the block, don't you?

 February 4: Cobblestones, 12"
You can download the Block a Day Calendar Size pdf and use it to organize your blocks from 6" to 20". You will see on the multi-page file that the date is listed in the 3rd column (with the year as "00"). This way you can find the block easily in the calendar.

Thanks again for stopping by! Happy Sewing.


  1. it is good to see so many blocks stitched and thank you for the list of sizes have downloaded it

  2. Thanks so much for the size info. I am loving the pictures of each weeks worth of blocks.

  3. debby...inquiring minds would love to know.... have YOU ever put all of your blocks into 1 quilt and how did you lay them out...we would love to see your finished quilt :) thanks

  4. Thank you for the size spreadsheet; that will be very helpful. I'm still enjoying both her blocks and her photography, even the giant ants! =)

  5. Thanks for this. I will make the blocks into a quilt.


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