Quilter's Block a Day Calendar: Week 40a

Already October! Finally cooling off in my neck of the woods. Let's see what Patricia has done with this week's set of 7 blocks.

October 1: Crazy House (yes, that's the traditional name of this block; I'm not making this up!)

October 1: Crazy House, 10"
 October 2: Arrowhead
October 2: Arrowhead, 16"
 October 3: Autumn Bloom
October 3: Autumn Bloom, 10"
 Yes, I know that block's hard to see. Here it is:

Autumn Bloom
October 4: Beacon Light

October 4: Beacon Light, 10"
 October 5: Blazing Autumn Leaf

October 5: Blazing Autumn Leaf, 10"
 October 6: Carrie Nation Quilt
October 6: Carrie Nation Quilt, 12"
 October 7: Circle of Teardrops

October 7: Circle of Teardrops, 9"
Hope you enjoyed seeing all these beautiful blocks! See you next week.


  1. Hello Debby; Today two of Patricia's blocks really caught my attention. The first one is Arrowhead, adding the blue into the block just makes this block grab my attention and I know it is a block that I really want to make! Dog gone the other quilt projects I have going on right now. The second block that again really grabbed my attention is the Carrie Nation Quilt block. Recently, I have been looking at blocks that have the effect of follow the line (silly explanation). This block will make a marvelous two color quilt that to me has an elegance about it. Debby, you are a superb designer and a fabulous artist in the choosing of fabrics. I really appreciate and learn so much from your blog posts; Thank You for sharing! Patricia, thank you once again for sharing all of your grand talents in creating these blocks and in the spectacular way you present them to us! It is always a fun way to start off the new week! Have a great day!

  2. I really like the last block and setting today, Circle of Teardrops. With the bubbles floating around it, it seems suspended in air.


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