Quilter's Block a Day Calendar: Week 43

Wow! I just discovered I was not counting my weeks correctly. This is WEEK 43 (and not 42). I've edited the previous weeks where I got behind a week. But I have shared all the blocks so far. Not to worry. Anything is possible in cyber-land and can be corrected with a keystroke and the delete key.

More beautiful blocks from Patricia, using my patterns from the calendar. I think it is still available on Amazon. Go check it out:

My Block a Day Calendar is still at Amazon!

October 22: Scrap Wonder

October 22: Scrap Wonder, 8"
October 23: Pumpkin Vine

October 23: Pumpkin Vine, 12"

October 24: Rolling Gears

October 24: Rolling Gears, 12"

October 25: Square and Star

October 25: Square and Star, 12"

October 26: Stars and Nines

October 26: Stars and Nines, 12"
 October 27: Teardrop Flower

October 27: Teardrop Flower, 9"
 October 28: Tree of Temptation

October 28: Tree of Temptation, 12"


  1. Hello Debby; The blocks this week are lovely. I especially was drawn to the Rolling Gears. At first, I did not notice the extra block in the center 9 patch. Once I did, though, it was automatically one I want to make! The next block that caught my attention is the Teardrop Flower. I am attempting to make my first hand appliqued Orange Peel quilt project and since I love flowers, seeing this block just made me happy and I also want my quilt to turn out so pretty with blocks like Patricia's! Thank you for sharing and have a great day!

  2. Hi Debby,
    I agree with Brenda - I was drawn to Rolling Gears. It reminds me a bit of dice. I also love the Stars and Nine or the Square and Star blocks. So many blocks, so little time. I appreciate that you share them and Patricia for making them! ~smile~ Roseanne

  3. Another great week of blocks. Thanks for posting them.


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