Spooktacular with Benartex

Spooktacular Fabrics by Benartex
BOO! Uh, I mean, welcome! Thanks for stopping by to see what I've got behind the curtain. Let's see what I've done with this fun collection of Halloween fabrics. Last month I shared about how to create hexagons. Today I share about making octagons into snowballs. I will be making the Snowball block to showcase these novelty prints.

I cut a variety of 6-1/2" squares from the other prints; but here you can see my placement of these orange print squares on the fussy cut HELL FIRE square from above. Sew on the diagonal line; trim away 1/4" as shown.

Sew on drawn line; trim 1/4" away. Discard small waste triangles
Then you need to press . . .
Press triangles outward for a neat 6-1/2" unfinished Snowball block
Some of the fabrics will use a black square . . .

Sew along diagonal line; trim and press
Just so I could keep track of where the squares will go and the orange and black triangles, I laid out my block parts before sewing. I call this auditioning.

Auditioning my color choices
Let's look at a few of the fun fabrics.
Happy spiders? Not the ones I find in my bathroom . . .
And what about bottles of funky brews?
Bottles of spiders? Essence of witch? Yikes!
So, what did I get? A happy, little Halloween quilt!
9 blocks with 1" inner border and 4" outer borders
And? And? Anything else? Of course! Audrey came over and grabbed the rest of the orange and black cat fabric to make a set of diaper covers for newborn twins being born any day now to her husband's uncle. Here they are:

Boo! Twins born around Halloween need spooky bloomers!


  1. What a hoot, the bloomers just crack me up. Love these fabric choices and how you used them. I struggle with panel type fabrics but these are darling.

  2. Very cute projects and fabrics! Enjoy your day!!

  3. Hello Debby: Since the kiddos are all grown up and we live out in the country where no kiddos come Trick or Treating, we have not decorated in any way for years for Halloween. Yet, after seeing your FUNTASTIC HALLOWEEN QUILT I have got to find my stash of prints and create this. It is so adorable! I may even make one up for my Parents, who love to have the Trick or Treaters come to their door. The knickers are spectacular! Thank you for sharing and have a great day!


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