Quilter's Block a Day Calendar: Week 42

Here we are at Week 41. That means there are only 11 weeks left in this year. How are your quilting projects going? Sometimes it's just fun to see other people's work, like Patricia's blocks, right?

For those looking for the corrected links to Wednesday's FREE patterns, please visit that blog post again to find the updates. Thanks for your patience (as I was out of town teaching for 4 days in Tucson without any way to fix this.)

Just a bit of information about my blocks: All of them are traditional blocks with their original names. There is historical info that goes with some of these, like with Mrs. Taft's choice (though I don't know what that is.) 95% of these blocks in my calendar are renditions of vintage blocks. No need to "reinvent the wheel."

October 15: Hand Weave

October 15: Hand Weave, 12"

October 16: Indian Mat
October 16: Indian Mat, 12"

October 17: Lindy's Airplane
October 17: Lindy's Airplane, 8"

October 18: Vines at the Window

October 18: Vines at the Window, 10"

October 19: Mrs. Taft's Choice

October 19: Mrs. Taft's Choice

October 20: Old Maid's Puzzle

October 20: Old Maid's Puzzle, 8"
 October 21: Ozark Maple Leaf

October 21: Ozark Maple Leaf, 12"
See you next week for the next 7 blocks!


  1. Hello Debby; I hope that you had a great time with all of your students while you were teaching. Someday, I hope I can take a class from you! Today's blocks are all wonderful. I am especially taken with the Vines At The Window block. All sorts of questions pop into my thoughts as to what the original creator/maker of this block had in their reasons. I really think I will be making this block and seeing how it turns out. Thank you for sharing your talents and creating this calendar of quilt blocks for quilters of today! Have a great day!


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