Quilter's Block a Day Calendar: Week 43

A new week with seven new blocks. Let's see what Patricia did with my patterns and her creative styling.

October 29: Weather Vane

October 29: Weather Vane, 9"
October 30: Wild Good Chase

October 30: Wild Goose Chase, 10"

October 31: Ghost Walk

October 31: Ghose Walk
November 1: Autumn Leaf

November 1: Autumn Leaf, 14"

November 2: Autumn Tints

November 2: Autumn Tints, 14"
November 3: Basket Puzzle

November 3: Basket Puzzle, 10"

November 4: Blind Man's Fancy

November 4: Blind Man's Fancy, 16"
I hope you enjoyed the show. Such beautiful pictures - each of them. Thank you, Patricia!!


  1. Great fall blocks and settings.

  2. Hello Debby; Patricia does such a magnificent display of each of the blocks she has created, I love to stop by each Sunday and see what she has created. This week, the Weather Vane is my favorite. I adore the fish and those beautiful flowers behind the lovely block! Yet, each one is lovely. Thank you for sharing. Have a great day!


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