"Where the Wild Things Are" FREE pattern

I designed this collection for P and B Textiles last Spring. It uses one of my favorite techniques which I call "Tilt." If you have the Tri-Recs tools by Darlene Zimmerman, the half-rectangle template works perfectly for this! (The pattern includes a paper template, of course).

Click here for the Where the Wild Things Are pattern.

The quilt pictured here uses the fabrics a little differently than the pattern. That's because I was working with "strike offs" from the factory (bits and pieces sent to the vendor to see if the colors are accurate for mass production).

First, before quilting:
Where the Wild Things Are quilt (before quilting)

And then quilted (by me on my HQ Sweet 16):

Where the Wild Things Are
And how the back was pieced (because I didn't have enough of ANY ONE print)!

Pieced back using my leftover motifs

Would you like to see a few of these AWESOME animal motifs up close? Of course you do!


Fish (with the tilt triangles attached)





You can find the pattern on my own website. P and B Textiles has taken it down.

This is a great pattern to use with any fabric that begs to be fussy cut for a center stage look!


  1. Hi Debby,
    WOWOW! Perfect design for showing off these fabulous animals. That elephant and impala - well, all of them are just stunning. So cool! ~smile~ Roseanne

  2. Hello Debby; What a Brilliant Design for fussy cut fabrics you have created! I absolutely adore it and know I will use it for several fabrics that I have and am just not sure what to do with. These animals are fantastic also! Just perfect for that Pre-Teen to whatever age, in my opinion! I adore fabrics that will mix and match with a variety of other fabrics and these look like they will! Thank you again for designing and sharing with us this great pattern! Have a fabulous day!

  3. Hello again Debby; I forgot to mention to you that I like the way in which you did the border for this quilt. I have been struggling with border ideas as of late and this is a great idea! Plus, in doing the back of a quilt in the way that you did, I love it! I do backings quite often as pieced or even another quilt that would quilt well with the front main quilt. So, another great idea to share in placing extra blocks or special fussy cut blocks that did not work in the original, as a way of using them. Thank you for always sharing your great ideas and spectacular quilts!

  4. AAAAAAAHH! These are so cute I can't stand it! The artwork, the color, the expressions! I would have to pick now to be on a fabric diet. :(


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