Thanksgiving Week Colors: Pink Wednesday

I think there are some of you who do NOT want to see pink quilts! There are people who hate pink, or at least would never think of making a pink quilt. I realized a few weeks ago when looking through my closet of finished quilts for a gift that I had a LOT of pink quilts! And this person was not too keen on pink. What's with that? (So, I gave her one of those red quilts featured on Monday.)

Greek Key Log Cabin: 47" x 50"
Can you believe I used so much pink? Light pink for the block backgrounds, pink inner border, and that large pink floral for the border? Pink binding and a pink backing. Holy pink cow!

Here's my Big Block Palm quilt which uses 10" Hosannah blocks, paper pieced in one section. It is a workshop I teach a few times a year. It's hard to offer as a pdf/digital pattern unless you have access to a large format printer. (And if you do and want to purchase this, let me know).

Big Block Palm Quilt: 56" x 56"
When I take this on the road, I give my audience a warning: If you don't like pink, close your eyes RIGHT NOW! Yes, this is a LOT of pink. But aren't those glorious, scrappy palms?

10" paper pieced Palm/Hosannah Block
And one more. Gotta love that pink!

Another 10" paper pieced block
Romantic Butterflies has been seen here before. It's pink plus green. Made many years ago and appeared in an early issue of Appliqué Quilts (2007). I gave the FREE pattern for the single Butterfly block back in August as part of my Cookie Cutter BOM series. Go check it out.

Romantic Butterflies: 38" x 40"
Now for a scrappy quilt using all those extra strips and strings left over from other projects. This is my String Pieced Scrap Quilt (oh, such an original name!). Stitched about 15 years ago and since gifted to a relative who was recovering from an appendectomy.

String Pieced Scrap Buster Quilt: 49" x 59"
I am making more blocks! You really can't help it if you do a lot of sewing like me and these scrap piles keep growing and growing! Yes, these are rectangles and they are pieced on paper.

8 String Pieced Scrap Buster blocks
OK. That's enough of the pink quilts I can think of. I may have to do this again with even more quilts next year. But, hey, we're not done. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I have another color to feature. Hope to see you then!


  1. I am not a fan of pink, but I do like the cookie cutter butterflies and the palm leaf quilts.

    1. Yes. Pink is love it or leave it as a color for most people! I have always loved it, but didn't realize how MANY quilts I have that are majority pink (this is only a small number!) Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Thanks, Betty. Sometimes I even surprise myself with all that I have. Many of these have gone on to live in other homes, and the only ones I hold onto are those I teach from. But the pink quilts always get a groan when I show them!

  3. Hi Debby! This is a fun week of colorful quilts. I don't mind pink at all, but I have never used it as a background color. How fun is that?! I'm looking forward to seeing tomorrow's color. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. ~smile~ Roseanne


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