Check Out This Upcoming Lecture

I am teaching with the Road 2 California the 3rd week of May. Four workshops and three lectures. One of my lectures, Shortcuts from a Short Woman, is one that is very popular. I think I've presented it several dozen times. Since I'm creating new projects all the time, each presentation is never the same.

Here is a photo snapped a few years ago by a guild. I was a bit slimmer then!

My Shortcuts lecture includes about 4 dozen quilts and all sorts of process steps. The date and time? Friday, May 21rst at 10 am California time. It lasts one hour. What will I be talking about?

As a quilt magazine editor for 14 years, I have made and published several hundred quilts! This is a trunk show bursting with tips, tricks, shortcuts and a variety of innovations that will satisfy any quilter. I demonstrate traditional blocks made with non-traditional methods. With 3-4 dozen quilts I show quick ways to create otherwise difficult blocks and finishing techniques: taking out the y-seam on Lone Stars; no hand sewing of quilt labels, rod pockets and binding - no kidding! I am always making new samples for fabric companies and workshops, so every time I give this trunk show I have even more quilts using the latest fabrics. I am the Queen of Tips and Tricks and I love to share these things to make your quilting life easier and so much more fun.

This is a Zoom presentation. I have a beautiful PowerPoint slide show that will inspire you with all sorts of ideas. One of them is how I finish my quilts with quick binding and labels.

Quick Binding, all by machine

And the label?

Easy label

If you've followed this blog for any amount of time, I think you know that I am overflowing with tips and tricks and I'd love for you to join me in this lecture!