Vintage Quilts, More Animals

I keep finding more animal quilts in my Quilt Vault. Roly Poly Circus Animals is from the Kansas City Star in 1923. The animals were designed as redwork embroidery. The blocks are 9" and there are 20 of them. A quilting friend designed and made this delightful quilt using 5 of the redrafts I had done in 2002.

Roly Poly Circus Quilt

The pattern has this and also all 20 of the original redwork designs (not scanned but redrafted, full size).

Here is how they appear in a simple quilt as presented at their debut. These have been digitally redrawn by me and the pattern set is a 50 page pdf!

Roly Poly Circus Animals

Another quilt that I featured but had not put the pattern link for is the Garden Bouquet Quilt, originally appearing in 1932 in the Star. Here is a vintage quilt that was photographed for our magazine around 2002.

Vintage Garden Bouquet

I made 5 of the 25 blocks. Don't you just love those saucy little birds?

My own Garden Bouquet Quilt

You can also find the Memory Bouquet Quilt (20 blocks from 1930), The Kansas City Star Stencils (27 embroidery and quilting patterns), Oak Leaf and Rose Wreath, and Sunbonnet Sue and Overall Sam.

I have one or two other vintage quilt block sets to share, but I wanted to make sure the Roly Poly Circus had a chance to strut his stuff!