Windham Wednesdays with Bedrock (again!)

Bedrock is an awesome blender that goes well with just about any fabrics. It also plays well with itself! Here is a stack of some skus - obviously, I've made some serious dips into the dozens of beautiful colors. Right now, there are 70 prints/colors in this collection!


I've had these since they made their debut in 2018. Let me show you my most recent finish. You may remember my tortured approach to stitching a gingham (or Buffalo Plaid) quilt using 2-1/2" strips.

These are the 4 colors I chose:
Four colors for my Gingham Quilt

She's quilted and I hope to give this to a young man I know who loves black, red and white. Yes, that is PIECED and not printed squares.

Buffalo Plaid (Gingham) Quilt: 48" x 48"

Here she is languishing in my backyard on the deck. 

Gingham Quilt just chilling in the sunshine

And the back also uses some Windham Fabrics from several years ago that have a movie theme: Light, Camera, Action.
Back of Gingham Quilt

Check out those earlier links to see how to make this Gingham Quilt (the easier way). And consider checking out Bedrock to see how beautiful a blender it is!


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    1. Thanks, Charlene. I make so many girlie quilts that I need to remember that half the world is male! These blenders work so well for this gingham pattern. Debby

  2. Hi Debby! I remember your posts about this lovely quilt, and it has gone on my to-make-soon list. It sure turned out great and a young man will surely enjoy it very much. ~smile~ Roseanne

    1. Hi, Roseanne. Yes, it took me a few years to quilt it, but I'm glad I did. Now I have a masculine colored one for a gift! So many girlie fabrics these days, right? Debby

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