More Star Spangled Banner Quilts

I keep these quilts in a section of my hall closet that has other holiday quilts (Christmas, Halloween, Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day - you get the picture!) and I pulled them out yesterday so I could hang them throughout the house.  This single LeMoyne Star appeared in my second book: Supersize 'Em Quilts. The block is 19" x 19" and is all rotary cut with NO y-seams.

Single LeMoyne Star: 31" x 31"

I also made this 9 block star quilt with the same collection. Notice that there are 3 different renditions of a LeMoyne Star! Yes, these are also 19" square. Windham Fabrics owns this quilt.

Farmhouse West Stars: 92" x 92"

And one more that I made using one of the Storybook Collections from Windham. Here it is with my neighbor's Barbie dressed in her Air Force uniform (my neighbor served with the Air Force). This just came out of that closet - she's SO happy and is celebrating in my living room!

Storybook Americana Lone Star: 31" x 31"

Just to prove that there are no y-seams in this Lone Star, here's a closeup of one quarter of the 19-1/2" block. And those diamonds are rotary cut from strip pieced fabrics. What could be easier? You make four, sew them together and you have a BIG star!

One quarter of the Lone Star block. NO y-seams

Thanks for joining me today!


  1. I really like the nine-patch--could be made large enough for Quillt of Honor with a couple borders--thanks, Debby!!


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