Star Spangled Banner Quilts and FREE Patterns

I have made a LOT of quilts with the red, white and blue theme. Here is an oldie, but the pattern is still available at the Windham Fabrics web site (yes, I make a LOT of quilts with their fabrics). This is from about 2007, but still a fantastic beauty! FREE PATTERN!

American Beauty Quilt by Leslie Sonkin and Debby Kratovil

Here is a VERY old one I made even before I came into the professional quilting world. I even hand quilted this. I'm pulling it out to hang this weekend.

Stitched and hand quilted about 25 years ago

And one more: this was given to the family who lost their dear son in Afghanistan. It is hanging over his bed in his bedroom. His mom considers it a precious reminder of his beautiful - and short - life.

This is also a FREE PATTERN.

Americana Quilt with Hearts

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