What's in a Name, Norma Rose?

Beautiful fabrics deserve to show up in a beautiful quilt. I participated in my local guild's mystery quilt challenge during the lockdown last year. I know it may be hard to believe, but this was the very first mystery quilt I have ever participated in. A quilter for 35 years and this was a first!

We first had to pick our fabrics. I had just received a fat quarter bundle of Norma Rose by Windham. Let me show you how gorgeous they are.

Norma Rose fat quarters

I really don't like not knowing where I'm going. Our first steps were to cut a zillion squares. 

Zillions of squares

These are STACKS of squares. Can you see those two birds?

Just a bunch of squares. A LOT of squares.

Then we had to cut some strips. Probably not in that order, but hey - I was lost and just trusted the coordinator Sue and the designer Doreen.

Just a bunch of strips. Was this going to be a Log Cabin?

Then we had to sew a lot of the squares together. We made some half-square triangles along the way. I was getting lost-er and lost-er. I can't even remember what was happening here, but I was glad that my little chicken pin cushion was keeping track of the steps. Yeah, right!

One set of a zillion seams

I added a yard of a no-name white with gold in order to have a light background for my stars. Stars. Lots of stars. Will you look at all those parts?

And here are the stars. I have NO IDEA where they will end up. Sue and Doreen won't say a word.

Oh, My Stars!

And more seams. I counted them: 

This is what I said on the Mystery Facebook page: "And here I complained about all the pieces and seams for those lovely, twinkling stars for Part 5! That was just a warm-up for Part 6!! 240 patches. 220 seams equalling 910". 320 trims."

"Seams" crazy, right? This is what I was talking about - Part 6. Holy Cow!

So many seams and trims and pressing.

And getting closer. Closer. Closer . . .

Last step before the REVEAL!

A lot of murmuring and excitement on the Facebook page. Several members were putting their sets of blocks and units and stars together imagining how they would look. Me? I was exhausted at all the seams. But, I was confident that the end result would be beautiful. Beautiful fabrics make for beautiful quilts. Are you ready? Here she is!

Norma Rose QU Mystery Quilt

No pattern. This is just eye-candy so you could appreciate the Norma Rose fabrics. Doreen was the designer and this is not her first Mystery Quilt. Sue H. was the one to keep us all in line and to release the clues each week. We all have to say it was quite a ride!


  1. Wow Debby! The quilt is beautiful. I admit I do not like mystery quilts unless I can see what it looks like at the end. I am such a control freak! And I like to choose my own colors. You obviously have designers in your guild who are very talented and share my taste in colors!

    1. Yes, Doreen's design skills are amazing! I never could have dreamt this up. Everything went together beautifully. I applaud her genius (and it truly was a mystery every step of the way!)

  2. Stunning mystery quilt. Your fabrics just seem to shine!

    I have done several mystery quilt alongs, mostly on-line. I have learned which designers I like and which I get frustrated with all the pieces or confusing directions. I probably would have been frustrated, too, with this one!


    1. Hi, Sandy. I was NOT frustrated, just didn't like not knowing where I was going! The directions were very clear, but I tend to want resolution in only 2 steps! As I said in my reply to Debby above (great name, btw), Doreen did an amazing job. There were several hundred of us involved in this, and the results are spectacular! I loved working with such beautiful fabrics, too.

  3. Beautiful mystery quilt. Looks like it was designed with your fabrics in mind. I would be interested in this pattern if it is ever written, even in mystery form...

    1. The pattern isn't available, tho I think the designer should work it up in some way. It was a lot of work, but as you can see, it creates something beautiful!

  4. your mystery came out beautiful. I've been doing mystery quilts since I started quilting back in 2004. Love them. And if one or two don't turn out to my liking, I always have a local shelter to donate to.
    great job Debby

    1. Hi, Joan. Good to hear from you! Mystery quilts were always a mystery to me. I always liked being on the side giving out the directions, not taking them! But I know I will participate in the next one for sure. Yes, quilts can always find a good home where they'll be well received!

  5. Beautiful quilt Debby! I’m working on a mystery quilt right now.It uses all half square triangles. Going to be a pretty quilt.

    1. Yes, if you start with pretty fabric, your end result should also be attractive (unless you make some serious mistakes! Thanks for your kind words about my quilt. I'll let her know!

  6. WOW!!! Your mystery turned out gorgeous! Your fabric choices definitely pop and created a cheerful happy quilt.

  7. The colors are gorgeous! Doreen should release as a pattern so we can make one too.


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