Circles in Quilts

Do you like circles? I do! I didn't always because the thought of turning the edges under by hand made my eyes roll into the back of my head. Then I discovered a clever way to do it all by machine and I've made lots and lots of quilts with circles in them. 

This is one I made 25 years ago out of lots and lots of scraps. Yes, these are Drunkard's Path blocks. This was inspired by a Pepper Cory design.

Flying Under the Radar Quilt

I made these blocks by interfacing the circles and then appliquéing them onto larger background squares. Then I cut them into fourths. Do you get the picture? That's what's going on in these blocks from about 10 years ago. Casablanca Collection by Blank Fabrics.

More Drunkard's Path blocks

How about this one? These are interfaced and turned, all by machine. You could make one of these trees for each holiday or season of the year!

Facets of Color Tree

Here is one of the classes I'm teaching (virtually) for Road to California (Saturday, May 22). I used the same circle for both of these quilts. So very easy! Tight Knit Circles.

Tight Knit Circles

I made more circles using the Solstice Collection and they are part of my demo for Tight Knit Circles. Same template, same technique. Aren't these beautiful fabrics?

Interfaced circles using the Solstice Collection

Three more quilts that use an interfaced circle: Spiroglyphics from MANY years ago is up first. Blocks are 6". Quilt is 28" x 37". Yes, I taught how to set blocks on point and how to miter borders.

Original Spiroglyphics Quilt: 28" x 37"

Then I taught it as a workshop with a smaller sample. This uses paper piecing to make the square in square units.

Spiroglyphics Class sample

I retired the workshop, but I had SO MANY teaching samples left. I put them into this quilt and donated it to a local charity.

Spiroglyphics with added sashings

So many circles, so many ways to use them in quilts! I'll be back again with more circles in quilts.


  1. The Tight Knit Circles are very lovely.

    1. Hi, Darlene. Many thanks. She is a very special quilt that surprised everyone (as in: the fabric reps for Windham). Inspired by vintage blocks, too!

  2. Hi Debby! I just LOVE the Tight Knit Circles and the fabrics you used. They are fab. ~smile~ Roseanne

    1. Hi, Roseanne. Yes, those fabrics (Broken Stripes) are some of my favorite. No girlie flowers for a change, right?


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