Blue and Gray Sampler: Block Six

Sometimes life gets in the way of the very best plans (and that's ok - who really has control of their lives, anyway?) Nothing bad, just an interruption.

Here is the last block in my Blue and Gray Sampler. I didn't have the energy to remake it, but I do offer the templates for you to give it a try.

Order No. 11 Block. 12" finished

 I used raw edge appliqué and the full quilt has four of these, one in each corner.

Blue and Gray Sampler. 72" x 72"

I would love to see your blocks. Please feel free to send me photos ( and I'll share them in the coming weeks.

Many thanks for joining me in this very traditional quilt adventure. My friend Connie G. (who quilted this beautifully) is enjoying this quilt in her home. And I know the quilt is very, very happy!


  1. Thank you so much for this series. It's a great pattern in any colors.


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